Planned Giving

The Foundation’s Mission and Vision is to empower you to create your legacy. There are so many ways for us to assist you in achieving your goals.  Feel free to review, explore and then contact us so that we can discuss the best ways for you to fulfill your passions and dreams.

“A Goal Without a Plan is a Wish”

Antoine De Saint-Exupery


Permanently restricted funds where the principal is invested, resulting in a portion of your growing fund that is distributed annually to support your personal philanthropic mission.


Create benefits for you, your beneficiaries and a charity. With two options for charitable trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts and Charitable Remainder Trusts, you can be sure to fulfill your philanthropic dreams while taking care of your beneficiaries.


Gifts of assets (such as stocks, bonds, jewelry, and/or cash) that is made as part of a will or an estate plan to ensure your legacy lives on from generation to generation.

Life Insurance

Plan for your charitable giving in perpetuity by using your life insurance policy. With three different options, customized to meet each donors’ specific needs, you can fulfill your charitable mission and preserve your legacy.

The Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies would be honored to assist you and your family in preserving your legacy.

Irving H. Levy, Executive Director
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