The Giving Collective for Jewish Buffalo

The Giving Collective is a place for Jewish Buffalo’s synagogues, agencies, and organizations to highlight the initiatives they are currently undertaking and to share the opportunity for donors to support specific causes.

Every quarter, the Giving Collective will be updated with new opportunities.

Featured Funds

Community Compassion Fund

The Community Compassion Fund provides assistance with mental and physical health & wellness counseling, food, prescriptions, rent subsidies and other essentials. Administered by Jewish Family Services, this fund assures our community’s most vulnerable populations are taken care of in the strictest of confidence. The fund was created at the onset of the pandemic and has provided over $72,000 of support to hundreds of individuals and their families.

If you know of individuals or families that could benefit from these resources, please contact Matthew Stewart at Jewish Family Services at 716-883-1914.

Community Endowment Fund

The Community Endowment Fund was created in 2019 with an initial leadership gift inspired by Wayne D. Wisbaum. It continues to grow with additional contributions from members of the community. This Fund provides grants to support needs within the Western New York Jewish Community. In collaboration with the Buffalo Jewish Federation, requests for support are evaluated and grants are provided when and where they are most needed.

Death in Dignity Fund

The Jewish Death in Dignity Fund ensures that locally impoverished Jews receive a proper Jewish burial after death. The fund was seeded with an initial contribution from an anonymous donor who stated, “It’s difficult to think of a greater mitzvah than ensuring that every Jew has a proper burial, I hope others join me in this important mission.” Administered by Jewish Family Services, all requests and distributions of funds will remain confidential.

If you know of an individual or family that could benefit from this resource, please contact Matthew Stewart at Jewish Family Services at 716-883-1914.

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