David Feuerstein (1952 – Present)

David credits his parental upbringing to making him the man he is today. His parents taught him the meaning of Tzedakah.

In his father, Irving’s words:

It doesn’t matter what you have
What matters, is what you do with what you have

David’s mother, Shirley was very involved in Hadassah serving as President as well as the Sisterhood at Temple Beth Zion. Shirley also had a successful career in residential real estate. Shirley lost her father at the young age of 13 and found that challenges required greater effort which brought about success. From adversity comes motivation. Shirley’s mother, Lena Lapides, lived with Shirley and Irving helping to raise their three boys; Herbert, Michael and David.

David’s paternal grandmother, Sara Feuerstein, always lived close by providing David with guidance, love and inspiration throughout his childhood.

L’dor v’dor

David received so much love and guidance from his parents, older siblings and grandparents and focused his energies on his children, and the beloved Jewish Buffalo Community in which they were raised. Through the years as his philanthropic mission has evolved, he has increased his focus on ensuring that Jewish Buffalo is sustainable for future generations.

David’s father, Irving served as the President of the Temple Beth Zion Brotherhood. David’s father was born in Buffalo and attended Bennett High School. After high school and then serving in the US Army he founded Swan Creations a manufacturer of drapes, curtains and tablecloths at 701 Seneca St. Larkin district. Later, Irving sold the business and became an investment advisor, ultimately specializing in commercial real estate. Eventually David would join his father in the commercial real estate business, leading to his affiliation with Randy and Nate Benderson and Benderson Development.

David’s first philanthropic effort was in 2004, when he created a fund at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore MD in support of research into the detection and prevention of brain tumors. This fund was created to honor both his brother Dr. Michael Feuerstein, a cancer survivor, who successfully underwent brain surgery at the hospital and in appreciation for the lifesaving care that David himself received from the hospital.


David Feuerstein’s Legacy today

In 2004 David created a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust to benefit:

  • Johns Hopkins
  • Temple Beth Zion
  • United Jewish Fund
  • Shaarey Zedek Hospital in Israel

To increase his impact on others, David created the Feuerstein Family Foundation with the guiding principle:
If not now, when?
If not me, who?



More specifically in creating Feuerstein Family Foundation it’s David’s goal to:

  • Foster the Family’s Legacy of support for the Buffalo Jewish Community, the importance of Jewish values.
  • Leave the world a better place for future generations.
  • Honor his parents and grandparents for their contributions in creating a world in which David thrived.
  • Share his philanthropic vision with his family and their descendants.

The Feuerstein Family Foundation is a multi-generational philanthropic mission led by David and his wife Jodi Bloom Feuerstein and David’s children Aaron, Jessica & Rachel.

David’s favorite charities include:

    Jewish Family Services which serves not only the Jewish community but is gift for all members of the WNY community.

    David’s greatest satisfaction is to be able to give back, in particular to support mental health programs in David’s words if you don’t feel good you can’t do good.

    David has a strong interest in preserving the Jewish history of Western New York through the Jewish Buffalo History Center and Temple Beth Zion’s Cofield Museum

David is also a strong supporter of:

  • The Jewish Center of Buffalo –Given the strong role that Nathan Benderson played in David’s life and professional career, Nate was both a friend and a mentor to David. In recognition of this close tie to Nate, David provided support for the Main Lobby in Jewish Center Holland Building and made a philanthropic commitment to Camp Centerland
  • Hillel of Buffalo
  • Food banks and homeless shelters
  • Medical Research
  • Efforts to Protect the environment, such thought the WNY Clean Air Coalition
  • And many other causes
David’s generous philanthropy is a testament to his concern for the world today and long into the future.

The Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies would be honored to assist you and your family in preserving your legacy.

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