Our Mission

Empower donors to fulfill their passions and dreams by establishing charitable vehicles designed to create a positive and enduring impact on Jewish Buffalo, Western New York and the World.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Inspire every individual to find within themselves a cause for which they feel the passion and motivation to create a better world through philanthropy.

The Foundation is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards of fundraising, grantmaking and nonprofit management.

Our Vision

The Foundation’s Purpose

To preserve

the legacies of our forebearers who built our community over the past 100+ years and encourage current and future generations to create their own legacies, enhancing our community for the next 100 years and beyond.

To create

permanent endowments, providing perpetual support for Jewish Buffalo, as well as those organizations that provide essential services to our local, national, and world communities.

To Serve

our donors in identifying the most appropriate strategies to fulfill their charitable objectives and providing the vehicles designed to accomplish their goals.

The Foundation’s Services

We Manage

the investment, preservation, and distribution of charitable legacies, bequests, trusts, and other donor-directed philanthropic funds.

We Counsel

donors to provide them with knowledge and expertise in planning and implementing charitable gifts.

We Partner

with the families and organizations of Jewish Buffalo to develop a unified approach to supporting our community needs.

The Foundation’s Values

We embrace the values of our Jewish Heritage

green circle

Tzedakah (charity and justice)

Helping those less fortunate

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Tikkun Olam (repair the world)

Leaving the world better than we found it
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Gemilut Chasadim (loving kindness)

Performing acts of kindness and compassion
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L’dor V’dor (generation to generation)

Passing on values, strengthening future generations, and sharing the importance of elders and youth
donor stories

The Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies appreciates the continued support of it’s donors. Read their stories here.