We thank and honor the following individuals and families who have committed to leaving legacy gifts through the LIFE & LEGACY® @ Buffalo Initiative to strengthen and secure the future of Jewish Buffalo. We thank each of you for your leadership, generosity, and vision. May your legacy LIVE ON for generations to come.
• Gary & Marjorie Abelson
• Marc Adler
• Carol P. Amsterdam* & Dr. Daniel Amsterdam
• James & Joanne Biltekoff
• Jeffrey & Leah Blum
• Joel & Judith Katzenelson Brownstein
• Molly Carr
• Jeff & Deborah Clark
• Dr. Iris Danziger
• Mr. Andrew Deyell

• Ann Dozoretz Earne

• Jonathan & Judith Epstein
• Feuerstein Family Foundation
• Susan J. Freed
• The Gareleck Family: Ellyn Stevenson, Betsy Feuerstein & Nancy Pickard
• Dr. Irwin Gelman
• Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey & Melissa Goldberg
• Shira & Rob Goldberg
• Alan & Marcia Goldstein
• Leslie Mark Greenbaum
• Gretchen Gross*
• Arnold N. Kahn
• Jeffrey & Susan Katz
• Dr. Leonard & Judith Katz
• The Kester Family

• Mark & Donna Klein

Mark & Donna Klein

Our inspiration for our legacy commitment came from the participation of other Life & Legacy leaders. Because they took the first step it inspired us to move forward with our commitment.
Our vision for the Life & Legacy commitment is to see that in the future people in need are being helped physically, mentally and through guidance offered by JFS and other agency services.

• Renee Mary Lehner

• Irving & Donna Levy

• Sanford M. & Margery S. Nobel

• The Rawl Family
• Rabbi Sara & Mr. Ezra Rich
• Hon. Lisa Bloch Rodwin
• Louis G. & Pauline J. Rogers Endowment Fund
• Alan Rosenhoch & Gabrielle Balderman
• Howard Rosenhoch
• Sheryl & Jonathan Schechter
• Blaine & Joan Schwartz
• Lorne Steinhart
• Peggy Sullivan

• Todd Sugarman

• Dr. Michael & Julie Weinberg

• Amelida & Peter Weinmann

• Shelly & Heidi Yellen

Shelly and Heidi Yellen

We believe in the mission of the Buffalo Jewish Federation and feel that our legacy commitment reinforces our position to our family and community.   Part of our vision is a solid endowment base to help fund the services and support the programs needed for the future of our Jewish Community.
Our inspiration is our parents and children and the desire to help provide for a strong, caring, and vibrant Jewish Buffalo for the future.

• Anonymous-4


The Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies would be honored to assist you and your family in preserving your legacy.

Irving H. Levy, Executive Director
(716) 204-1139 •  716-390-9653 •

Lorne Steinhart, Senior Manager of Client Relations
(716) 204-1135 •

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