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As my forefathers planted these carob trees for me so I too plant these for my children.
— Talmud (Ta’anis 23b)

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What is LIFE & LEGACY®?

Life & Legacy® is a partnership with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation that promotes after-lifetime giving to benefit Jewish synagogues and organizations. Legacy giving will strengthen our Buffalo Jewish community for years to come. It ensures that you will be remembered by those who directly benefit from your generosity as well as those who will be inspired by your example for future generations.

A gift of endowment ensures that your vision and generosity will impact lives long after your lifetime.  Your legacy gift becomes a permanent extension of your values and vision by perpetuating those organizations, synagogues and/or programs that you recognize are important to the Buffalo Jewish Community.

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*through February 29, 2024

Together, the Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies and the Buffalo Jewish Federation are working with many organizations in Jewish Buffalo to secure the future of our community. These organizations include:

What are Legacy Gifts?

Legacy is what you leave for your loved ones, causes you believe in and your community. A legacy gift to the Jewish community is one that will make a permanent difference to Jewish life after your death.

There are many ways to leave a legacy gift, and when your gift is realized, you will permanently support the Buffalo Jewish community. All of us, regardless of age, financial means, or affiliation, can help build and sustain a vibrant Jewish community.

Types of Legacy Gifts

Many individuals and families create their legacy commitment through an individual retirement fund (IRA), life insurance policy or a will or trust. Each method provides flexibility and a comfortable long-term approach: Nothing needs to be donated during your lifetime unless you prefer.

For more information on ways to leave a legacy gift, click here.

Getting Started

Creating your Jewish Legacy is easy and can be accomplished regardless of age, financial means, or affiliation.

Step 1: Consider your values and the organizations/synagogues in Jewish Buffalo you care most about.

Step 2: Review and complete the Letter of Intent and send to the Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies or one or more of the organizations/synagogues you choose. We will assist you with understanding and formalizing your legacy gift.

Step 3: Consult your financial advisor or contact us to discuss options.

Step 4: Establish your legacy gift. Once you formalized your gift, please download and submit your completed Gift Confirmation Form to inform your selected organization(s) that your legacy gift is secure.

For more information, contact Linda Barat, Life & Legacy® at Buffalo Coordinator, via email or phone at 716-204-2259.

The Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies would be honored to assist you and your family in preserving your legacy.

Irving H. Levy, Executive Director
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