Current Giving

The Foundation’s Mission and Vision is to empower you to create a positive and enduring impact on Jewish Buffalo.  The instruments we offer include our Donor Advised Funds, our Community Partners, the Jewish Buffalo Giving Collective, and IRA Restricted Funds.

“Man is worthy of being called man only if he is charitable” – Yalkut Reuveni

Donor Advised Funds

Your personal account at Foundation, with the sole purpose of using it to make charitable contributions to organizations you are passionate about. Your contribution is an immediate tax deduction, and then you can recommend grants to charities as quickly or slowly as you’d like.

Community Partners

Organizations, congregations and agencies throughout Jewish Buffalo that work closely with the Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies.  Here you’ll find their websites with information on programming and giving opportunities.

Giving Collective for Jewish Buffalo

A place for Jewish Buffalo’s synagogues, agencies and organizations to highlight the initiatives they are currently undertaking and to share the opportunity for donors to support specific causes.  The Giving Collective will be updated quarterly with new initiatives and opportunities.

IRA Restricted Funds

A Restricted Fund established to accept Qualified Distributions (QCD) from an Individual Retirement Account. QCDs enable individuals to fulfill their required minimum distribution by a direct transfer of up to $100,000 to charity.

Planned Giving offers you the power to create your legacy. Whether you wish to create a trust or an endowment, remember us in your will or your life insurance policy, we will be here to ensure your gift changes the future for Jewish Buffalo and beyond.